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Regular servicing is an essential part of your vehicle's maintenance, it keeps everything running smoothly and allows the technicians servicing your vehicle to identify potential issues before they become major repairs.

At Crosbie and Bateman we have two levels of service to meet the requirements of your vehicle. These levels of service are:

  • Full Service:-
    Suitable for vehicles that do a lot of miles and is often seen as the annual service. Generally recommended every 12,000 miles or 12 months this service features a number of checks, filter changes, fluid top ups and spark plug changes.
  • Interim Service:-
    This is a great option for heavy road uses and an intermediary service between full services. Typically recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles it features many of the checks and features of a full service with fewer component changes. It is also suitable for those with a very low annual mileage who may not require an annual full service and can be used every other year in place of one.

Mechanics doing a service on a vehicle - Car Servicing in Kirkcudbright

To discuss our car servicing options call us today on 01557 330558 or send us an email.

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